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What They Found While Hiking Near A Lake Would Freak Anyone Out

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If you ask me, dolls are basically the scourge of the Earth and they shouldn’t even be allowed in toy stores. The fact that this guy found a creepy doll in the hollow of a random tree is especially disturbing.

While hiking near Lake Manawa in Iowa, Redditor Wendigoflames found a doll that was probably cursed, based on these pictures.

You’d probably walk right by this tree without giving it a second thought, right?

But even if you didn’t see the doll that was lurking inside, it’d certainly see you.

Why did he take it out? It was clearly trapped in there for a reason!

This thing should just go back to whichever circle of Hell it used to call home.

No one is safe.

After spending two winters in Iowa, I jokingly vowed to never return. Now that I know this thing’s on the loose, I’m going to hold myself to that.

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