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Unconfirmed graphic ‘death photos’ of US Ambassador Stevens circulating

Unconfirmed graphic ‘death photos’ of US Ambassador Stevens circulating
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As horrible news broke this morning about the death of Christopher Stevens, U.S. ambassador to Libya, at least four graphic photos purportedly showing his death during the savage embassy attack began circulating. The man in the photos appears to be the ambassador, but some reports indicate Stevens died in the hospital.

So in pic he is still alive? RT @WilliamsJon: #Libya's Deputy Interior Minister tells press conference Amb. Chris Stevens died in hospital.

— Eleanor Rosney (@eleanor_rosney) September 12, 2012

@blakehounshell @WilliamsJon Not cleat that photo shows him actually dead though. Photo shows him with eyes open, some colour in face.

— Tom Dale (@tom_d_) September 12, 2012

Apparently pic of US ambassador was taken as he was removed from the convoy that came under attack …

— Firas Al-Atraqchi (@Firas_Atraqchi) September 12, 2012

Twitchy is not including these photos in our coverage.

Just saw tweeted photo of (supposedly) killed US ambassador slung over someones shoulder. News is out there so quick now, horrible pic 🙁

— wontletyoufly (@wontletyoufly) September 12, 2012

Those AFP photos of the US ambassador to Libya aren't pleasant. I suspect the proverbial is about to hit the fan.

— Paul Matthews (@nzPaulM) September 12, 2012

Just saw the post-attack photo of our ambassador to Libya's body. I'm so angry I can't see straight.

— Aaron Rosser (@ARosser14) September 12, 2012

RT @_syriana_: A photo shows how the body of the #US ambassador was disfigured and treated savagely by the angry islamists in #Libya

— shabbir gheewalla (@shabbirghewalla) September 12, 2012

Please stop with the photos of the body of Chris Stevens, US Ambassador to Libya

— Doris Carrion (@DorisECarrion) September 12, 2012

Pro-Assad media outlet and new Galloway employer al-Mayadeen has posted a photo of dead US ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens.

— Michael Weiss (@michaeldweiss) September 12, 2012

US Ambassador to Libya killed in consulate attack. Ya know I could've done without seeing the pic. Bloody hell.

— Jeannette Francis (@Jan__Fran) September 12, 2012

Is that a photo of the American ambassador being dragged after he was killed circulating on Twitter?? This is just outrageous…

— Maha Elsanosi (@MimzicalMimz) September 12, 2012


AFP confirms one of the pics is legitimate. Warning: The piece linked in the following tweet contains a graphic photo of Ambassador Christopher Stevens after the attack.

Death of an ambassador: backstory of @AFP photo of Chris Stevens

— Alex Ogle (@Alex_Ogle) September 12, 2012

The photographer said it is not known whether Stevens was alive or dead when the photo was taken.

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