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Troll hard: @redsteeze displays award-worthy infiltration of Netroots Nation

Troll hard: @redsteeze displays award-worthy infiltration of Netroots Nation
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Twitchy favorite @redsteeze has a powerful new bio — Humanist Feminist Waterist #NN14 — and a shiny new Unite Blue logo on his avatar. Either he’s seen the light thanks to the illuminating panels of this year’s Netroots Nation conference in Detroit, or he’s trolling like no one has trolled before.

For example, behold the confounding conflation of the glass ceiling and “rape culture.”!/redsteeze/status/490239397561106432

Exactly. Or does it?!/redsteeze/status/490239512010702848!/redsteeze/status/490239985279193088!/redsteeze/status/490240962208075776!/redsteeze/status/490241704931258368!/fancyladyleague/status/490241915871563776!/redsteeze/status/490242452016463873

And that is how it’s done.!/sadhubob/status/490243010622259200!/redsteeze/status/490243020600520704

P.S. As a Waterist, @redsteeze reminds those in H20-strapped Detroit to be mindful of their environment.!/redsteeze/status/490251214357934081!/redsteeze/status/490252648596008961

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