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Shooting brings out douche reactions from Weigel, Yglesias and Moulitsas

Shooting brings out douche reactions from Weigel, Yglesias and Moulitsas
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Rules we should have learned already for breaking crime stories:
1. Don't speculate.
2. Your joke isn't funny.

— Ed Morrissey (@EdMorrissey) October 03, 2013

The third rule is that both of those rules will be quickly broken, as Slate’s Dave Weigel and Matt Yglesias demonstrated within moments of reports of a shooting on Capitol Hill:

Weigel thought it was a good time for some snark:!/daveweigel/status/385833288419377152

Hilarious, except not really:!/Matthops82/status/385834224348966912

Yglesias thought the shooting was a good opportunity to discuss shutdown politics:!/mattyglesias/status/385835070638268416

We’re sure that was the first thing on officers’ minds as the bullets were flying.!/JammieWF/status/385836582743179266

Not only is Yglesias’ comment not funny, but it’s also wrong:!/emzanotti/status/385843073361526785

Another futile reminder:!/CaracasChron/status/385835767668281344

Too soon? Unfortunately for some, it’s never too soon. Markos Moulitsas of The Daily Kos helped Weigel and Yglesias demonstrate that:!/markos/status/385839265663291392

The abhorrent douche is strong in this one.!/Joffen1981/status/385839685852856320

Suspending politics for an hour or so during a story with potentially devastating consequences for people is so out of style.!/CuffyMeh/status/385843631078129664

This provides the best summary:!/TheUSReport/status/385844057856937984

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