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Saying Goodbye To Your Dog Is So Hard. Especially When It’s Not The Dog That’s Dying.

Saying Goodbye To Your Dog Is So Hard. Especially When It’s Not The Dog That’s Dying.
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Only two months before Mike Petrosino turned 14, he was diagnosed with metastatic Ewings Sarcoma, a rare cancer that attacks soft tissue and bone. Ever since that moment, he has been in and out of hospitals, battling that cancer. Last week, though, Mike and his family received devastating news. Doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital informed them there was nothing else they could do for Mike. He was going to die.

Mike began to say his goodbyes, with one being one of the most heartbreaking images we will ever see.

His family brought in his best friend and dog, Rusty, to say goodbye to Mike, knowing he may only have hours to live. Rusty knew what was happening and lovingly stayed by his side.

Mike was originally given a 3% chance to live. Then, they amputated his leg.

He has been fighting ever since.

The family, friends and even dogs that knew Mike will all miss him desperately.

Doctors expect Mike to succumb to his disease within days. Now that Rusty is home, Mike’s brother John says that he will go to Mike’s favorite chair and whine, already missing his best friend.

The years of medical bills have left Mike’s family unable to pay for Mike’s bills. If you’d like to donate and help them defray the costs of these intensive cancer treatment, please visit their GoFundMe site.

Mike saying goodbye to his dog is one image you will never forget. Please share the touching moment with others.


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