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Sally Kohn: O’care website just ‘one piece of candy in the entire goodie bag’

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Earlier in the day, the White House tweeted Halloween greetings featuring a pumpkin with “get covered” carved into it. Naturally, much of the mockery of Obamacare revolves around the train wreck of that is, but Sally Kohn reminded everyone that there’s a lot more to it.!/sallykohn/status/396005776524726272

“One piece of candy in the entire Obamacare goodie bag.” Take comfort in that at your own peril. Many consider it a warning rather than a feature:!/darthlevin/status/396049052250279936!/JWJ01406575/status/396049131879563264!/p_bruce/status/396050524622954497

“Only one piece of candy in the entire Obamacare goodie bag” is a bizarre sales pitch considering the lack of performance of “But wait, there’s more” only works when the current product you’re demonstrating hasn’t been a miserable failure.

So far it appears America is stuck holding a giant bag of “don’t do this to me.”

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