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Now that it’s confirmed, how did the Syrians get to Mexico?

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Now that it’s been confirmed that 8 Syrians(maybe refugees, maybe not) were taken into custody at the U.S.–Mexico border and that 5 Syrians were arrested yesterday in Honduras with fake Greek passports, can we now ask how they afforded the trip?

Trans-continental flight isn’t cheap:

And according to CNN, the 5 Syrians captured in Honduras were racking up frequent-flier miles like crazy:

Greek authorities and Interpol were involved in Honduras detaining the men, [Anbal Baca, a spokesman for Honduras’ Police Investigation Unit] said. Before the men had arrived, they had traveled to Lebanon, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina and Costa Rica, he said.

Why are we giving refugee status in America to those most able to afford resettlement in the Middle East?

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