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New $10mn U.S. bounty set for wanted terrorist, Hafiz Saeed

New $10mn U.S. bounty set for wanted terrorist, Hafiz Saeed
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Seriously, what has India done in the last 3 years to even push Hafiz Saeed underground? And India suddenly gets courageous after US bounty.

— Sachin Kalbag (@SachinKalbag) April 3, 2012

@SachinKalbag But this is a brilliant diplomatic coup to get the US to do it, surely more effective than anything we cud hv done.

— Suryanarayan Ganesh (@gsurya) April 3, 2012

If India keeps Kareena Kapoor as reward for Hafiz Saeed I am sure Lashak and whole Pakistan will find him in a day. #IPL5

— Adolf Hitler™ (@Adolf_Hitler_Ji) April 3, 2012

Just last year, Hafiz Saeed called Osama a ‘Martyr’ for what he did. Here’s the video:

If US can track Osama Laden down, why can't they find Hafiz Saeed? Indian Intelligence can do same too.

— I ❤ Katrina (@iKatolicious) April 3, 2012

Hafiz Saeed lives in a state which HOSTED Osama bin laden for 5 years, but ofcourse they are 'committed' to fighting against(FOR) terrorism.

— Abhinav Singh Bhal (@asbposts) April 3, 2012

Now Pak military will build a mansion for Hafiz Saeed which will gonna be more safer dn Osama's one..!!!

— divya tripathi (@divyatripathi92) April 3, 2012

This Hafiz Saeed bounty again looks some kind of 'eyewash'! If u r serious mount a Osama type oper in Pak and bomb his arse out!

— vikram gulati (@vikram140gulati) April 3, 2012

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