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‘LOL what?’ OFA touts Obama prepping students to enter the job market he’s killing

Rate this post!/Worthme/status/453194538895433728

President Obama is hanging out with high schoolers today:!/markknoller/status/453194074594750464

The only thing he’s catching from conservatives is eye rolls and sideways glances:!/WhiteHouse/status/453198414604685313

Dude. Dude.!/RBPundit/status/453195064429514752

The guy who’s running the economy into the ground is giving kids advice on getting ready to enter the job market? Is this a joke?!/Artist_Angie/status/453195053956333569

That’d be a much better use of the president’s time. As it stands, the only thing Obama is preparing these students for is disappointment:!/mamaswati/status/453198108659548160

Good luck, kids. You’re gonna need it.

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