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I’ve Seen Tigers and People Together Before. But THIS is Insanity.

I’ve Seen Tigers and People Together Before. But THIS is Insanity.
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Ary Borges lives in Brazil and he absolutely loves tigers. In fact, he loves them so much, he even lives among them. Seven of them. He has three daughters and grandchildren, but instead of keeping them separate from the maneaters, he encourages them to interact with the gentle giants.

This father only has three children… but he has seven tigers.

He lets the beasts stay inside of his home, use his pool and interact with his children and grandchildren.

He insists that tigers aren’t dangerous and if you show them respect, they will return it.

Most people think he is crazy for letting such killers live near his family.

His first two tigers he rescued from a circus.

“I was never worried about my daughters co-existing with these animals.”

The tigers come into the house during meals, they use the pool and they have free reign of most of the property.

Even though they are capable of hurting anything they choose, they instead treat their human friends with kindness.

The family Chihuahua even likes hanging out with the beasts.

Even his young grandchildren play with the tigers…

Or sit on their back, riding them like a pony!

Would you feel comfortable cuddling with a tiger?


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