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‘It’s here’: Ebola scare in NYC, fears rising over deadly virus [pics]

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People are naturally on edge as news comes in about the spread of the Ebola virus in western Africa. Maybe that’s a good thing. Healthy fear leads to vigilance.!/Gdubya1/status/494970930716999682!/Bogs4NY/status/494965918402109441!/Bogs4NY/status/494966398926721025

Thankfully it sounds like the patient is not infected with Ebola, but an American infected with the virus is being transported to Atlanta, Georgia, to be treated at Emory University Hospital. Some question the wisdom of that decision.!/vplus/status/494955635591892992!/cochisemom/status/494961137901764610!/magikarp424/status/494956183275319297!/stevesilberman/status/494961553657958400!/ScottGordonNBC5/status/494985781036212224!/EnasYorl/status/494975282650951680!/LisaDCNN/status/494995503231557632

Urgent indeed.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated to correct two grammatical errors.


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