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I Guarantee You’ve Never Seen A Wedding Like This. It’s Fantastic.

I Guarantee You’ve Never Seen A Wedding Like This. It’s Fantastic.
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It’s common knowledge that most weddings don’t involve elephants carrying the bridal party across the beautiful plains of Africa, but then again, this wasn’t like any other wedding we have seen before. When this American married a Zimbabwean, they went all-out for the African wedding held in Zimbabwe. And I’m totally jealous (seriously, there are elephants).

The couple first married three years ago in the states so that the groom’s family could attend.

But then, they took the celebration to Zimbabwe so that the side of the family that lived in Africa could celebrate with them as well.

The resulting wedding was absolutely epic.

Not many people can say they rolled up to their own wedding like THIS.

The wedding was held in a beautiful African plain (we can only assume a pride of lions were watching nearby, hoping for some cake).

The bride was absolutely stunning.

Their wedding photos top all wedding photos ever taken.

More weddings need to feature elephants.

On this special day, they were surrounded by natural beauty that couldn’t be replicated in any way.

The stunning bridal party.

At most weddings, you may worry about whether or not there is an open bar… at this African wedding, you had to make sure not to stumble across some hungry hyenas, looking for some spare appetizers. Source

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