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Here are just a few reasons why guns are better than liberals

Here are just a few reasons why guns are better than liberals
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For a while it seemed as though America might have to choose between its guns and national treasure (but British citizen) Piers Morgan. Morgan had suggested he might deport himself if America didn’t change its outdated gun laws. Today, however, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney assured Morgan that the petition arguing for his deportation would be brought to the president’s attention, and if anyone can broker a deal, it’s Barack Obama.

That said, we’ve been following this list of reasons #WhyGunsAreBetterThanLiberals, and the case is pretty convincing.

I can lock them away when I am done using them#WhyGunsAreBetterThanLiberals

— Roy Rogers (@Roy__Rogers) January 7, 2013

#WhyGunsAreBetterThanLiberals Guns shoot straight.

— Brian Hilton (@Shep_Brian) January 7, 2013

#WhyGunsAreBetterThanLiberals They work.

— Doc Nelson (@DocNelson_68W) January 8, 2013

#WhyGunsAreBetterThanLiberals When a gun gets fired it doesn’t expect 3 years unemployment.

— Kevin Gillem (@HeavyKevi) January 7, 2013

#WhyGunsAreBetterThanLiberals because you can put a silencer on a gun

— Leda_Feisty (@Ledamaae) January 7, 2013

#WhyGunsAreBetterThanLiberals One is a dangerous tool that serves no useful purpose in a civilized society. The other is a firearm.

— Blair Warren (@blairwarren) January 8, 2013

#WhyGunsAreBetterThanLiberals Guns can’t enact Chicago Gun Control Laws that disarm Law-biding Citizens & produced 500+ Murders in 2012

— TripleDotter (@DoubleDotter) January 8, 2013

#WhyGunsAreBetterThanLiberals Guns can protect the lives of innocent children at a school.

— Peter Cobb (@PeterCWI) January 8, 2013

#WhyGunsAreBetterThanLiberals A gun won’t tell you that it won’t raise your taxes at the same time it is actually raising your taxes.

— ScreamingAtTheRadio(@ScreamRadioShow) January 8, 2013

#WhyGunsAreBetterThanLiberals a liberal is pretty useless when there’s immediate danger

— Polyglot Hillbilly (@Holger_Danske) January 8, 2013

#WhyGunsAreBetterThanLiberals My gun defends our citizens. #caring

— Kurt Schlichter (@KurtSchlichter) January 8, 2013

#WhyGunsAreBetterThanLiberals because I actually enjoy the hearing the noise/sound it makes

— John (@WindyCityPD) January 8, 2013

#WhyGunsAreBetterThanLiberals Guns don’t put out maps of every liberal in my area

— Bussow (@mbuss5) January 8, 2013

One uses shells; the other wants you to shell out. #WhyGunsAreBetterThanLiberals

— Razor (@hale_razor) January 8, 2013

If you don’t find these tweets funny, you might be a liberal.

#whygunsarebetterthanliberals because my gun isn’t angry about this trend.

— Tim Kenney (@tkenney01) January 8, 2013

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