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He Was Planting Flowers When He Found Something Terrifying Buried In His Yard

He Was Planting Flowers When He Found Something Terrifying Buried In His Yard
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When it comes to finding random, weird things, the most terrifying place to come across them is in your own yard. It’s one thing to come across freaky objects elsewhere, but when they find their way onto your property, it’s so unsettling. Take what happened to Redditor ValjeanLucPicard, for example.

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ValjeanLucPicard was in his yard digging a hole to plant some flowers when he came across something weird buried in the ground.

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After some careful digging, this is what he pulled up from the hole.

It was some sort of sealed glass container.

He had to break the seal to see what was inside.

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The substance in the vessel had the consistency of old marmalade.

But encased in all that gunk was something even weirder.

It was a picture of his landlord from when she was younger.

Along with the photo was a piece of paper with some writing on it and a scrap of fabric, possibly from a dress.

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ValjeanLucPicard called the landlord asking what he and his wife should do. When she saw what they’d found, she told them it was probably a curse left by the previous tenant and said that they should burn it all immediately.

When it was done burning, the landlord poured holy water on the ashes and in the hole to finish lifting what she believed to be a very serious curse.

(source: Reddit)

Just imagine finding that buried on your property. I wonder what this landlord did to make someone so angry.

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