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Donald Trump sending David Axelrod a check — to help fund epilepsy research

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As Twitchy reported last week, David Axelrod vowed to Joe Scarborough that he would shave off his trademark mustache if Romney won Minnesota, Michigan, or Pennsylvania. Axelrod quickly reneged on his promise (and, as it turned out, his mustache was safe anyway), but Scarborough is still hoping to slash the ‘stache, this time for a cause:

Help CURE Epilepsy and get @davidaxelrod to shave his mustache off! Donate here:

— Joe Scarborough (@JoeNBC) November 8, 2012

Axelrod has agreed to do the deed if Scarborough’s fundraising campaign yields at least $1 million:

“If we can raise a million dollars, I will shave the mustache,” Axelrod said on Morning Joe Thursday. “At least I’ll feel good about shaving it off!”

Scarborough himself has already pledged $10,000. And this afternoon, Donald Trump tweeted that he, too, would be sending a check for epilepsy research. Trump has come under fire from all sides for his birtherism, faux conservatism, and just all-around doofusness, but if he seriously intends to follow through with his promise, it’s a very kind gesture:

sincerely nice of you RT @realdonaldtrump: .@davidaxelrod I’m sending you a check to help find a cure. @ivankatrump says hi.

— Sam Stein (@samsteinhp) November 8, 2012

@realdonaldtrump @davidaxelrod @ivankatrump that’s the trump we the people of America know. i hope you do that trump. Good job.Respect!

— 1RSPECTTV (@biggers40) November 8, 2012

And THIS is HOW to respond to a challenge – excellent job Mr. Trump #greatguy RT @realdonaldtrump: (cont)

— ♛ Hedy (@hedydicarlo) November 8, 2012

@realdonaldtrump @davidaxelrod @ivankatrump Well done.

— Mark D. Rucker (@MarkTheBeastR) November 8, 2012

“@realdonaldtrump: .@davidaxelrod I’m sending you a check to help find a cure. @ivankatrump says hi.>>Thats kind of you Trump.Impressed

— cedrick todwell (@ctodwell) November 8, 2012

Nice gesture! Seriously. RT @realdonaldtrump.@davidaxelrod I’m sending you a check to help find a cure. @ivankatrump says hi.

— Dave Parkinson (@dparkinson45) November 8, 2012

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