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‘Despicable’: Bob Beckel says we need to ‘move on’ from 9/11; Jonathan Hoenig shreds [video]

‘Despicable’: Bob Beckel says we need to ‘move on’ from 9/11; Jonathan Hoenig shreds [video]
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Just when you thought reprehensible Fox News lib Bob Beckel couldn’t possibly sink any lower, he announced that all you silly bitter clingers should get over 9/11 and “move on” already. Dismissing rape, serial misogyny and anti-Semitic dog whistles just weren’t enough for Bob.

Jonathan Hoenig immediately slammed the “despicable” comment and he wasn’t the only one.!/JoeDunn8/status/368761470445563904!/SCHRIP1951/status/368762238028361728!/jacquestoddard/status/368762634213933057!/SteveScherb/status/368762563053367298

Tell that to victims’ families, you slimy jerk.!/Kell_Patt/status/368761937506484225

Beckel also said that liberalism is his built-in free pass for playing the race card.!/JamesYontrofsky/status/368759261473415169!/hplem/status/368762220420673536!/JonathanHoenig/status/368759638809792512

Is there anyone left who’s not ready to “move on” from Bob Beckel?


Twitchy commenter CO2 Producer reminds us that in 2010, Beckel said, “Look, at some point, I know it’s sensitive here in New York and probably New Jersey, but we have to get over 9/11.” See the 7:17 mark in this video clip:

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with video of Beckel’s comments.


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