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C’mon, guy: John Boehner’s press secretary fires back at Jay Carney

C’mon, guy: John Boehner’s press secretary fires back at Jay Carney
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As Twitchy reported earlier, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney did a little spinning following House Speaker John Boehner’s appearance yesterday on “This Week,” tweeting that Boehner and Obama agree that America has no immediate debt crisis. “Immediate” is the key word there, as Boehner went on to warn of a “looming” debt crisis due to unsustainable entitlement programs spiraling into bankruptcy.

The quote was so good though, Carney tweeted it again today.

When POTUS said we don’t have an immediate debt crisis, R’s erupted. Spkr Boehner y’day on ABC: “We do not have an immediate debt crisis.”

— Jay Carney (EOP) (@PressSec) March 18, 2013

Though we’d prefer Speaker Boehner set the record straight with the president’s press secretary, his press secretary, Brendan Buck, wasn’t waiting around.

.@presssec C’mon guy. As he made clear, we have a debt crisis coming that must be dealt with immediately. President doesn’t see it that way.

— Brendan Buck (@Brendan_Buck) March 18, 2013

.@brendan_buck By voucherizing Medicare & cutting taxes by $5.7T, mostly for the wealthy? Compounding a problem isn’t dealing with it.

— Jay Carney (EOP) (@PressSec) March 18, 2013

.@presssec How is saving Medicare by giving future recipients the option to choose their coverage “compounding” the problem? @brendan_buck

— AG (@AG_Conservative) March 18, 2013

@presssec Holy cow. I just gotta unfollow you. You’re such a mindless myrmidon hack.How do you sleep at night?

— Neal Boortz (@Talkmaster) March 18, 2013

.@presssec Despite the tax increases, your plan never balances the budget, correct? Why is that? The debt has no consequences?

— Brendan Buck (@Brendan_Buck) March 18, 2013

.@brendan_buck saying balance does not = balance. Q: Who pays for House GOP’s huge tax cuts for wealthy? A: The middle class. Like last yr.

— Jay Carney (EOP) (@PressSec) March 18, 2013

.@presssec Nothing balanced about a plan that never does. If you don’t like how we balance, don’t you owe ppl a plan that will eventually?

— Brendan Buck (@Brendan_Buck) March 18, 2013

You get the idea.

[crass criticism about White House policy with passive aggressive bank shot at @presssec]

— Brendan Buck (@Brendan_Buck) March 18, 2013

Earlier, Buck had used Twitter to award a special prize to Fox News correspondent James Rosen (which Rosen reweeted as proof of receipt, apparently).

Today’s briefing winner is James Rosen, who asks the question for which Carney has a prepared, extended written answer.

— Brendan Buck (@Brendan_Buck) March 18, 2013

Will Carney fire back and make this a true battle of the press secretaries?

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with responses from Press Secretary Carney which were missing from the original post.

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