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Brad Woodhouse: Journos forfeit ‘right to gripe’ by refusing Holder’s offer

Brad Woodhouse: Journos forfeit ‘right to gripe’ by refusing Holder’s offer
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The most transparent administration ever didn’t do itself any favors at the peak of the Benghazi scandal by hand-selecting a number of journalists for a “deep background” meeting with Press Secretary Jay Carney. Now, with Attorney General Eric Holder allegedly investigating himself for seizing the phone records of AP reporters and the private emails of Fox News’ James Rosen, some Washington, D.C., news bureau chiefs are being summoned to an off-the-record briefing.

The New York Times has reportedly sent its regrets, not wishing to further encourage the administration’s behind-closed-doors brand of transparency.!/mlcalderone/status/339850805777690624

DNC Communications Director Brad Woodhouse thinks it’s the Times’ loss if it refuses this generous offer.!/chrisgeidner/status/339856816823488512

Oh yes, yes he did.!/RobGeorge/status/339860096446242816!/JonahNRO/status/339859486648958980!/redsteeze/status/339859950090199041!/Matthops82/status/339858242161225728

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Not attending off-the-record mtg w Holder “forfeits right to gripe”, according to @woodhouseb— johnny dollar (@johnnydollar01) May 29, 2013!/J_Kane/status/339858610970558464!/NumbersMuncher/status/339860259080392704!/AG_Conservative/status/339861184591302656!/hboulware/status/339861438883573760!/DrewMTips/status/339860030574698496

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