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‘Afghanistan News’ reporter captures attention at NBA post-game conference

‘Afghanistan News’ reporter captures attention at NBA post-game conference
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“Afghanistan News” was trending tonight, but not because of any actual news out of Afghanistan. It appears a reporter identifying himself as an Afghanistan News journalist turned up at the NBC finals post-game conference.

Basketball fans were flummoxed, amused, and merciless. So was Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra.!/gran_trevino/status/476577354534232065!/LeeeroiJenkins/status/476577310393790464!/landoid/status/476577667773243393!/JustIn_Buffalo/status/476577641475350528

Who smells troll?!/nickypdoe/status/476577581022851073!/a_mcomie1210/status/476576592907345921

Editor’s note: This post was edited to delete an unrelated tweet erroneously included.

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